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Always dreamed of being a pilot of a fighter jet? Or just curious about what is like to be in the pilot’s seat and control a 20-ton flying vehicle? We offer you to make your dream come true with a 30 minute SU-27 fighter jet flight simulator. This...

Free Cancellation
3 hours
EUR 209.82 209.82 EUR

If you want to go skiing or snowboarding on your trip to Moscow, this experience has you covered. Have fun in the snow on a half-day tour, with lunch and transportation included. This ski package is the adventurous escape you’ve been looking for. -...

Free Cancellation
5 hours
EUR 310.56 310.56 EUR

Flying with us you can look at the earth from the air and fall in love with this beauty forever. Come for a positive – it will be and it will be so much that after the flight, a smile will remain on your face for a long time! Flights are very popu...

3 hours
EUR 847.95 847.95 EUR

Zero gravity flights – a secret, incomprehensible to ordinary people, but a desirable and interesting event that always attracts a lot of attention. For ordinary people, flights into space are impossible, because this requires many years of prepara...

48 hours
EUR 6087.90 6087.90 EUR