Visiting Angkor Archaeological Park - Siem Reab

: 13.412469 : 103.8669914 Siem Reab - Cambodia
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This is the information page for Angkor Archaeological Park. This page is updated continuously in many languages to offer you full information about Angkor Archaeological Park. Besides Situation, Visit Time ,Near Attractions, Near Airports , Near Restaurants We also offer many other helpful information such as near hotels, links, weather and more. Enjoy visiting Angkor Archaeological Park

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All about Angkor Archaeological Park - Siem Reab

Nita Fine Dining 2 miles 3.44 km
Lotus House Restaurant 2 miles 3.47 km
Angkor Reach Restaurant 2 miles 3.51 km
So Wat Coffee Roasters 2 miles 3.56 km
Au gre du soleil 2 miles 3.64 km
Madam Pizza 2 miles 3.74 km
Sompovmeas BBQ 2 miles 3.83 km
Maiya's Cafe 2 miles 3.92 km
Angkor Royal Cafe 2 miles 3.94 km
Naga Bar 2 miles 3.94 km
Wheel Garden Restaurant 3 miles 4.03 km
Phum Trang Restaurant 3 miles 4.08 km
Tropic Cafe 3 miles 4.08 km
La Couleur Du The 3 miles 4.16 km
Phum Num Banh Chok 3 miles 4.2 km
Ashia Lounge 3 miles 4.27 km
Mie Cafe 3 miles 4.28 km
Reahoo Restaurant 3 miles 4.33 km
MAHOB Khmer Cuisine 3 miles 4.34 km
Explorer's Tales 3 miles 4.34 km
Angkor International 4 miles 5.84 km
Battambang Airport 48 miles 78 km

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