Corridors B, C, D, G, H of the Tomb of Tausret and Setnakht

Corridor B of the Tomb of Tausret and Setnakht:
On the left wall of the corridor, the names of the royal figures were changed in the course of the early history of KV 14, but the scenes are still the same and are standard ones of life-size, paired figures of he deceased and deities.
On the left wall, offerings of vase are made to Re-Horakhty, food to Anubis, and of a figure of Ma'at to Isis. A figure of Setnakht, carved over one of Tausret, stands before Horus and receives an ankh-sign.
On the right wall, the King stands before Ptah, followed by the goddess Ma'at. A second offers to Geb, a third to Ra-Hor-akhty, Hathor, and Nephthys.
Corridor C:
At the beginning of both the left and right walls of Corridor C, we have badly damaged scenes from Chapter 145 of the Book of the Dead.
After that, on the left wall, King Seti II is purified by a figure of Anubis. On the right, Seti II offers to three knife-wielding guardians who stand before the gates of the Netherworld which they protect.
On the thicknesses of the gate between Corridors C and D, there are finely painted kneeling figures of the goddess Meretseger.
Corridor D:
The texts on both walls of this corridor are a continuation of Chapter 145 of the Book of the Dead. The corridor houses some good quality paintings and well-preserved relief. The costumes of the deceased are finely done.
Corridor G:
Both the right and left wall of Corridor G, mainly show scenes from the Opening of the Mouth ritual.
At the beginning of the left wall is the Side Chamber (GA), Chapter 151 of the Book of the Dead decorates the walls of the chamber. The rear wall is showing Anubis tending a mummy, and flanked by goddesses Isis and Nephthys. On the left and right walls, there are figures of two sons of Horus, Anubis, two goddesses, and the deceased.
Corridor H:
On both sides of the walls of Corridor H, we can see that the scenes of the Opening of the Mouth ritual continue.
Other Corridors of the Tomb of Tausret and Setnakht:
Moving to Corridors KI, KIA, KID, L, J2, and K2, almost all the decoration in the rear part of the tomb was carved and most of them are badly damaged. These parts of KV 14 are decorated with scenes from the Imydwat and the Book of Gates.

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