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The Tomb of Emperor Augustus in Rome reserved entranceSightseeingss in  Things to do in
The new opening, you can't miss it: new opening after 15 years of restoration. Discover the largest circular tomb in the world and where the first true Emperor of Rome rests: you will have the chance to get in touch with one of the greatest exponent...
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Kayak trip with the Rabat Yacht ClubSightseeingss in  Things to do in
Discover an emblematic place of Rabat from a different perspective. From your kayak, browse the Bouregreg, admire the Kasbah des Oudayas, the flukas and the beach of Rabat. This is the opportunity to do an activity in the open air while discovering ...
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Rabat Half Day City TourSightseeingss in  Things to do in
This tour will take for a half day discovery of the capital of Morocco Rabat, a city that combine the history to the present. ...
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1 day private excursion to Rabat from CasablancaSightseeingss in  Things to do in
Rabat is the capital of the kingdom of Morocco. It is full of historic sites and monuments of exceptional beauty. We offer you the possibility of being accompanied by a professional guide who will explain in detail the history of the heritage of Raba...
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Full Day trip Tangier to RabatSightseeingss in  Things to do in
This day trip from Tangier to Rabat is ideal to discover Rabat the Capital of Morocco. driving time is two hours each way. You will visit Highlights of Rabat  include sites of historical and archaeological significance such as Hassan Tower, Kasbah O...
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Private tour of northern Morocco in 6 days from TangierSightseeingss in  Things to do in
Getting to know the north of Morocco with its European influences in Tangier and Assilah, contrasts with the iidilic blue of Chaouen and the Arab and Berber history of the imperial cities of Fez, Rabat and Meknes. The modernity of Casablanca and the ...
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3-Night Morocco Tour from Malaga: Fez, Meknes, Rabat anSightseeingss in  Things to do in
Uncover the mysteries of Morocco on this 3-night tour of Fez, Meknes, Rabat and Tangier from Malaga with 4-star hotel accommodation included. With a guide, exchange the beaches of Malaga for the maze-like medinas, colorful kasbahs and vibrant souks o...
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Feast your senses on the visual banquet of Morocco on a 4-day tour of the country’s most intriguing locations from Costa del Sol. Immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of the captivating country as you visit destinations like Fez, Rabat, Tangier...
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5-Day Morocco Tour: Casablanca, Marrakech, Meknes, Fez Sightseeingss in  Things to do in
Discover the allure of Morocco on this 5-day tour from Malaga with hotel accommodation, a round-trip ferry crossing and city tours included! Led by an expert guide, your package includes visits to the country’s five most enchanting cities. Explore ...
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5 Days Private Trip from & back to TangierSightseeingss in  Things to do in
Go sightseeing in northern Morocco starting from Tangier with its magical Medina. Be impressed by its mythic Hercules Caves, enjoy your time during a memorable Camel Ride, and take full advantage of the breathtaking views from Cap Spartel, the meetin...
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7-Day Morocco Tour from Costa del Sol: Fez, Meknes, MarSightseeingss in  Things to do in
Swap the beaches of Spain for the mystique of Morocco on a leisurely seven-day excursion from the Costa del Sol. With a week to explore Morocco, you’ll see the country’s top cities and attractions. Take intriguing tours of Fez, Meknes, Marrakech,...
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7-Day Morocco Tour from TangierSightseeingss in  Things to do in
The Four Imperial Cities of Morocco are Fez, Marrakech, Meknes and Rabat. The Middle Atlas consists of cities of Fez, Meknes and Volubilis, The High Atlas is the city of Marrakech. The Atlantic Cities consist of Casablanca and Rabat.On this imperial ...
1023.67 USD
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FARAH RABAT 0 miles 0.4 km
Rive Hotel 0 miles 0.54 km
HOTEL RABAT 0 miles 0.64 km
LA TOUR HASSAN 0 miles 0.65 km
Malak 0 miles 0.66 km
Sofitel Diwan Rabat 0 miles 0.69 km
BOUREGREG 0 miles 0.79 km
Le Pietri ...  0 miles 0.79 km
Riad El Maâti 1 miles 1.07 km
Riad Souika 1 miles 1.1 km
Le Dawliz Spa 1 miles 1.15 km
Riad Azahra 1 miles 1.18 km
Dar Aida ...  1 miles 1.18 km
Balima hotel 1 miles 1.18 km
Helnan Chellah Hotel 1 miles 1.19 km
Dar Zen 1 miles 1.19 km
HILTON RABAT 1 miles 1.19 km
DAR EL KÉBIRA 1 miles 1.22 km
Addik 0 miles 0.35 km
Too Much 0 miles 0.37 km
Aya Rosa 0 miles 0.39 km
La Casa Di Carta 0 miles 0.49 km
Otam 0 miles 0.6 km
La Maison Arabe 0 miles 0.6 km
Al Marsa 0 miles 0.61 km
Restaurant La Marsa 0 miles 0.62 km
MonteCristo 0 miles 0.64 km
Snack Pesca del Mar 0 miles 0.65 km
La Bonne Table 0 miles 0.65 km
L' Epicurien 0 miles 0.65 km
La Tour Hassan 0 miles 0.66 km
Les Jardins De La Tour 0 miles 0.66 km
Le Trendy Lounge Bar 0 miles 0.67 km
Resturant Sufra 0 miles 0.67 km
La Brasserie 0 miles 0.69 km
Le dix-sept 0 miles 0.69 km
The Marina Steakhouse 0 miles 0.7 km
Zerda 0 miles 0.74 km
Cafe Mazarine 0 miles 0.74 km
SOttoSOpra 0 miles 0.74 km
La Menora 0 miles 0.74 km
Fresh time chicken 0 miles 0.76 km
Sale Airport 5 miles 7.38 km
Kenitra Airport 23 miles 37.19 km

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Best offers for  Rabat

The hotel comprises a total of 200 rooms spread over 5 floors. Guests have access to a charming pool and garden complex, a coffee shop, a beauty salon...
Best offers for  Rabat

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and adjacent to the King of Morocco's Royal Summer Residence, this resort was built on the site of an important histori...
Best offers for  Rabat

Located in the very center of the most royal of the imperial cities in Morroco, alongside embassies and ministries, it's an ideal location to explore ...
Best offers for  Rabat

The air-conditioned hotel offers 40 accommodation units, with 2 junior suites, one royal suite and two apartments, comprising a total of 100 beds. Fac...
Best offers for  Rabat

The hotel comprises a reception with hotel safe, lift, a café and a nightclub. Guests also have the opportunity to use the hotel room service. Med...
Best offers for  Rabat

The Rabat hotel was built with modern architecture and offers many services such as satellite TV and free broadband WLAN Internet access. Guests are w...
Best offers for  Rabat

The hotel is located near the Agdal train station, ten minutes driving from the city center and all the main tourist attractions.Even when the rooms a...
Best offers for  Rabat

The hotel offers facilities such as a Moroccan restaurant where guests can discover traditional cuisine and an international restaurant. The coffee sh...
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